Saturday, April 17, 2010

eBay: Loeser's Department Store Dodger Pin

Here is a great vintage, circa 1940's, Dodger pin from a Brooklyn mainstay, Loeser's Department Store. Located on the corner of Fulton Street and Bond, they opened in 1887 (a few years after the establishment of the Dodgers) and sold everything a Brooklynite could ever want. It was a shopping wonder. With 5 stories filled with goods it is no doubt that every old Brooklyn Dodger entered its doors at one time.
The Brooklyn Eagle (newspaper), in a long, front page article on March 22, 1887, describes the store in great detail, “the interior of the establishment is of great beauty. The woodwork is of selected ash and mahogany, adorned with gold and bronze.” It also noted that the store would have elevators, electric lighting, and telephone and messenger service. Period photographs show impressive bronze or cast iron elevator banks, highly decorated with reliefs and ornament. In 1887, all of these innovations were modern marvels.
Unfortunately, the store closed it's doors in 1952 in the midst of a retail slump. Maybe it was a foreshadowing of things to come. The Dodger would leave town less than a decade later. Below is a recent photo of the original store location.
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