Thursday, August 26, 2010

Collection: N28 John L. Sullivan

Here is my John L. Sullivan Allen & Ginter N28 card. I've got just one more card from my yet-to-be-completed set left to show. Check out the other cards I've featured here. Sullivan is one of the greatest world heavyweight champions to ever get in the ring. He is thought to have won over 450 fights in his career and was the first American athlete to earn over one million dollars. John L. Sullivan was a bridge between two boxing eras- from the London Prize Ring rules of bare-knuckled boxing to gloved boxing.

Often fighting in a garment resembling long underpants, the term "Long Johns" is said to be named after him.


  1. Awesome card. One of these days I am going to have to add some original A&G to my boxing card collection.

  2. Wow!!!!!!!! That is easily the coolest card i've seen in a while. I think it would be soooo cool to won an item from that long ago, not to mention, a Boxing great like Sullivan.

    I clicked on the link to your other posts. That is one heck of a collection you have.

    Do you buy those on eBay and about what is good price for some of those, if you don't mind saying? Thanks for sharing your Allen & Ginter's collection. It's alway great to see iconic cards like that.

  3. I had gotten most of my Allen & Ginters from eBay. Usually in a large lot of cards at once. For instance, all of the billiard players were bought in a lot graded by SGC for (at most) a couple of hundred dollars. The same goes for most of the boxers and wrestlers I have. Usually a card in Good to VG condition of a non-recognizable athlete will run between $15.00 to $30 a piece. Unfortunately, they don't come around very often, so you will have to be patient. 10 years ago there were far more A&G's on eBay than today. Most cards seen today are graded and over-priced, in my opinion.

  4. Ernest, thanks so much for the advice. I'd love to add a couple of those cards to my collection. I think they are so cool. Especially the boxing ones. I'll keep an eye out to pick up 2-3. Thanks again and great posts!!!


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