Monday, August 09, 2010

Willie Gets Clocked!

That's one heck of a left jab from Atlanta Braves pitcher Larry Jaster. Willie Davis takes it on the chin after storming the mound, via eBay. The scuffle occurred during the 8th inning on April 19, 1970 during a game in which the Dodgers pounded the Braves 10-1. Fortunately, Willie wasn't the only one who left with a black eye.


  1. Hey Ernest!

    42 years after the fact I still remember the incident where Larry Jaster KO'd Willie Davis.

    For some reason baseball historians only remember how Dodgers pitcher Don Drysdale would throw inside to intimidate opposing batters. But they forget how Dodger batters paid a price -- often, a BIG price -- for his aggression. Pitchers like Larry Jaster, Larry Jackson, Bob Gibson, and Jim Maloney would immediately pay back Dyrsdale's action with similar or with even more aggression. How is it that baseball critics and historians have forgotten the paybacks given by these very aggressive pitchers?

    Wasn't baseball grand back in those days?

    How I miss MLB as it was played back then.

  2. Trippler hits the nail on the head.

  3. Drysdale was retired by then.


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