Monday, December 06, 2010

Fielder to the Dodgers?

Apparently, there are rumors abound about portly, yet vegetarian, Prince Fielder going to the Dodgers in exchange for James Loney and closer Jon Broxton. Is this the blockbuster trade Dodgers fans have been waiting for? I dunno. All I do know is that the Prince hasn't always been so princely. Not that a recent past incident at Dodger Stadium portends to an angry unlikeable disposition in the man, I just think it adds spice to the whole discussion. Remember way back when, in 2009, Fielder had a little ugly incident at the door to the Dodger clubhouse. See the below video to reminisce.

YouTube Link:

If you've forgotten about it, here is some background. The game was a laugher. The Dodgers scored 17 runs to the Brewers 4. In the 9th inning, relief pitcher Guillermo Mota threw an inside pitch to Fielder in the 9th inning that nailed him on his leg. Fielder took exception and threw a Major League tirade caught on film. Mota said of the incident,
"I was thinking we were good friends." "We played together last year."

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