Friday, December 03, 2010

Probably One of the Best Awards a Player Can Get

It's pretty rare today to be so popular and respected on the field that the fans, themselves, get together to present an award to you. Well, this old-time Brooklyn pitcher was graced with that kind of adoration. In 1920, Brooklyn fans pooled together some funds to present this medallion to Sherry Smith. It recently sold for $2500.00.

The Dodgers, or the Robins as they were known then, won the pennant that year and played the Cleveland Indians in the World Series. Smith was outstanding in the season going 11-9 with a 1.85 ERA. He would both start and provide relief that year. In the World Series he threw 2 complete games- winning game 3 on a 3 hitter, but lost game 6, 1-0.

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