Thursday, February 24, 2011

MEARS Auction: O'Malley and Castro- The Happy Couple

MEARS has their auction closing in a couple of days. I usually don't find items from them that perk my interest. They tend to specialize in game-used uniforms and equipment, not on cards and memorabilia. Fortunately, their current offering has a couple of items that caught my attention.

Here is a vintage photo from the archives of "The Sporting News" that features a strange collection of people. The Dodgers went to play a couple of games in Cuba. I am unsure of the year when this occurred. Here is what was printed on the reverse of the photo.
"Officials and players of the Reds and Dodgers received a warm welcome from Fidel Castro's forces when they played two games at Havana, March 20-21. In front row, left is Gabe Paul, general manager of the Reds. In the second row, standing, are Bud Holman (with beret), a Dodger director, and Walter O'Malley (wearing deputy sheriff's badge), Dodger prexy."

Here is another item from the archives of "The Sporting News." It is a original 1958 illustration lamenting Brooklyn Dodger Zach Wheat's lack of support for his entry into the Hall of Fame. Fortunately, he finally had his day in Cooperstown when he was inducted a year later in 1959.

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