Friday, March 18, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 3/18/2010

Let's start the season, already!
  • New Dodger billboards are out and Vin Scully is My Homeboy has a pic of a beauty. "It's Time For The Voice Of Summer"
  • Even better, Left Field Pavilion made their own hilarious billboards, check them all out here.
  • Here's a great article from Steve Dilbeck about the the real vintage Dodgertown, it's St. Patrick's Day tradition and the painful loss of our teams history at the hands of a marketing campaign.
  • The Seattle Times has a story focused on some former MLB'ers in Japan.

    At least Ruiz, who homered off Josh Beckett, Andy Pettitte and A.J. Burnett during a late-season run with Toronto in 2009, is safe. He was playing with the Tohoku Rakuten Golden Eagles in an exhibition game 400 miles away last Friday and never felt the magnitude-9.0 quake.

    Ruiz first learned of the disaster when umpires suddenly stopped the game in the eighth inning. The team's English translator explained the situation to Ruiz and fellow former major leaguers Darrell Rasner and Ryan Speier, and fans were sent home.

    Ruiz and the other Eagles - Kaz Matsui, Byung-Hyun Kim and Akinori Iwamura, among them - are practicing in Nagoya, about 300 miles from their hard-hit home in the port city of Sendai. They're staying in a hotel, feeling guilty.

  • Gold Baseballs? Are you kidding me? From Sports Collectors Daily.
  • They destroyed this Lamdo!
  • Atlantis?
  • Michael Lewis, the soothsayer? In 1989 he wrote "How a Tokyo Earthquake Could Devastate Wall Street and the World Economy." Read a copy of it here at The Big Picture.
  • Star Wars?

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