Thursday, March 03, 2011

OT: Superheroes Do Some Sheen

(pic link: Comics Alliance)

I'm amazed at how thoroughly entertained I am with Charlie Sheen. It's like a fast moving train wreck. We stare in awe as our natural voyeuristic tendencies refuse to allow us to look away. I know that writers and comedians, the world over, are ecstatic. Heck, Ken Levine calls him "a gift from god." And Ken is right. We will be inundated with Sheen jokes and story-lines for days, weeks, if not years.

So far, my favorite has to be from the Comic Alliance. Artist Chris Haley and writer Curt Franklin have taken the best Charlie quotes and put them in the mouths of superheroes. Go here to seem them all. Here are some more.

(Hat Tip: Oliver Willis)

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