Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Auto Collection: Adrian Beltre Diamond Kings

Another brand I really enjoy that features autographs is Donruss's Diamond King series. As many older collectors will remember, Donruss Diamond Kings had been a staple Baseball card subset throughout the 80's, but faded as the hobby dipped in the late 90's. They originally featured the drawings of Dick Perez. Fortunately, a new century meant a return to that old set as new artist were commissioned. Also, the cards became more limited and often featured game-used material or autographs.

Above and below is one of a handful of cards from this subset within my collection. It is from 2005 and features Adrian Beltre. It was drawn by Mark Chickinelli (See his website here). Unfortunately, some fool had written the number 28 on the top right of the card. What's up with that?

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