Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 5/17/2011- I am Getting Lost

I know posting here has been a bit sparse lately, but I've got a good excuse, I swear. I've never been much of a TV junkie, and have always tried to stay away from ongoing television shows that run season to season. Of course, there have been rare exceptions, but, for the most part, I stick to sports and movies on cable.

Over the past several years there has been one show that took the country by storm. It was a show that my friends would waxed poetically about symbolism and meaning. It was the show Lost, and their discussions would literally cause my brain to ache. So, being as stubborn as I am want to be, I stayed away. Well, no more. Due to the wonder of Netflix I decided, several days, to give the show a try. And, like a man who has recently taken his first hit of some illicit drug, I now find myself a hopeless Lost junkie. I've gone through the first season in flash and realize I cannot stop. So, please, forgive me if I might be a little absent.
  • Holy Moley! I'm not much of a hockey collector, I've only got a handful of Kings related cards, but this new Panini set coming out called Dominion Hockey has me salivating just a bit. Check this card out, from The Knights Lance. I would literally kill for this card... no, really.Link
  • 2011 Bowman Baseball is out, and I hope to have some Dodger cards from the base set up soon. See a checklist of the entire set here. Link
  • Baseball by the Letters shares an account from former MLB'er and 1984 USA Baseball Olympian Don August.
  • Collectors Weekly writes about the recent sale of some vintage, late 50's, silk-screened posters of Disneyland, but I really want to know about Jeff Bridges original sweater from the movie The Big Labowski.
  • I really love the ongoing series Lasorda at His Best on his blog. Check out this great story about Joe Adcock being Dave Kingman for a day and the ensuing scuffle it precipitated.
  • Roberto provides some good advice for autograph collectors. On another note, please stop hounding him. The man can only do so much, and you should be thankful he does what he does. Believe me, most of us bloggers do not make the kind of money that justifies the amount of time we spend putting stuff together.
  • Most of you have probably already seen this, but check out the upcoming Andre Ethier bobblehead the Dodgers will be giving out on July 7th.
  • Here is a great video of Space Shuttle Endeavor's lift-off. It's really cool.

Endeavour Lifts Off on its Last Mission from spacevideo on Vimeo.

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