Friday, May 06, 2011

The Case Break Big Hits: Gypsy Queen's

Here are the cards that had me so excited. A patch, a bat, a stamp and a printing plate... oh my! The only thing that would make this better would be an autographed card, but why be greedy? Here are the "big hits" I received from the fine ladies at "A Cardboard Problem."

There are only two Dodger mini relic insert cards in the set, and I got them both. Wow!

A Matt Kemp game-used uniform piece.

And the best of them all- a game-used bat piece of Jackie Robinson. WooHoo! This is my very first Jackie relic card- and possibly the only one I'll ever get.

There are scarce stamp relic card, numbered to only 10, available for every player in the base set. I was fortunate to snag a Jackie Robinson. Sweet! Even better is that the stamp is nicely aligned.

Here is a Duke Snider printing plate, 1 of 1, card. This is also my very first printing plate, and I'm glad it's of this great Dodger Hall of Famer.

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