Thursday, June 30, 2011

A Batting Babe Ruth and a Young Reese

Here is a great vintage photograph of Babe Ruth taking a swing during his time as a Dodger coach. He would often take batting practice before games to the delight of fans.

(eBay Auction Link)

And to follow that up is a great photograph of young Pee Wee Reese in his Louiseville Colonels uniform. The auction seller had a great description of how Reese went from being Red Sox property (Louiseville was a Red Sox minor league affiliate) to a Dodger player.
The “Little Colonel” was one of the top prospects in the minors, and so impressed Boston Red Sox farm director Billy Evans that he recommended the Red Sox buy the team. Evans and owner Tom Yawkey both knew that the Red Sox' longtime shortstop, Joe Cronin, was nearing the end of his career. However, Cronin was the Red Sox' manager as well, and still thought of himself as a regular shortstop. When Yawkey sent Cronin to Louisville to scout Reese, Cronin deliberately downplayed Reese's talent and suggested Reese be traded. On July 18, 1939, Reese was sent to Brooklyn for $35,000 and four players to be named later. This trade is now considered one of the most lopsided deals in the annals of baseball.
(eBay Auction Link)

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