Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 6/22/2011

Wayne Gretzky sporting Brooklyn Blue, via Josh Rawitch yfrog. I believe Wayne's recently drafted son is to his right.
  • What a sad state of affairs. Check out Plaschke's story called: "The reality of a trip to Dodger Stadium is surreal."
  • Hardball Talk says what we already know, "Frank McCourt: Shameless."
  • Sherman Oaks Patch ask: "Mom's Talk: Would you take your kids to a Dodger game?"
  • Here's the petition to Fox to allow Vin Scully to announced one more World Series.
  • I hate to focus on a Giant player here, but I really thought this was worth a look. Greg at the Infinite Baseball Card Set made a Willie Mays card in a Class B Trenton Giants uniform (his first team associated with a Major League club), and tells a story about his first night with the team. Go to the site here to see the card and read the story. Below is a short excerpt.
    Unbeknown to Mays, the rest of the Trenton Giants were pissed. Suddenly having a black player thrust onto their team really brought out deep emotions in many of the Giants players. As the evening wore on, the simmering anger of the young players boiled over into action.

    At midnight five of his new teammates left their hotel and trekked into Hagerstown's colored neighborhood. Fueled by anger and a deep feeling of what they thought was right, they climbed up The Harmon Hotel's fire escape and found the window of Willie's room. Huddled in the darkness they rapped on the glass. What must have been a hesitant Mays opened the window.
    Read on here for the rest of the story.
  • "Hey, you guys!" Let's Go Dodgers puts up a great Lotney Fratelli (of Goonies fame) fantasy card up. Nice.
  • I-70 Baseball writes about the anniversary of Darryl Kile's death.
  • Here's a Father's Day recap from the Dodgers.

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