Sunday, June 12, 2011

Mailbag: Some Dodger Autographed Bargains

I recently did a little bit of shopping on eBay and found some great bargains. Heck, shipping cost more than the cards themselves. Unfortunately, I got them from 5 different sellers so I couldn't take advantage of a shipping discount, but I'm not crying.

Above are my only two Chin-lung Hu autographed cards. He use to sell for a hefty premium when he was a legitimate prospect, but no more. They can be had for a song and a dance. I got the 2008 Upper Deck Signature Premier card on the left for $2.25 and the 2008 Topps Chrome card on the right for $0.99. Below are the reverse of the cards and, as always, you can click on any of the pics to enlarge.
The next three cards were all purchase for only $0.99 each. On the left is a 2010 Obak Blake Smith brown back (numbered 45 out of 75), center is a 1997 Upper Deck SP Top Prospects of Adrian Beltre, and at right is a 2007 Bowman Best Blue Refractor of Andy LaRoche (numbered 29 out of 99).


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