Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Wheaties Love from Stanky

When you hear the word stanky the last thing that comes to mind is ballplayer Eddies Stanky. Heck, you are more likely to run away in disgust than marvel at his magic. The Urban Dictionary defines it as "extremely smelly, not just the nasty kind," and it can get even more profane from there.

In actuality, Stanky is a name that goes way back in Dodger history and the circa 1947 Wheaties advertising above memorializes the man as a Dodger master of getting on base. I guess you can say he was Moneyball before Moneyball was Moneyball.
"The Brooklyn Dodger diminutive infielder is a master of fouling good pitches, taking bad pitches... and waiting for a pass to first.

Stanky earned more passes than any National Leaguer during 1946. In 1945 he set a league record with 148 bases on balls... and led in runs scored with 128 tallies."
Not only that, he loves his Wheaties.

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