Friday, August 12, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 8/12/2011

Clayton Kershaw talking about bowling for the Dodgers Dream Foundation, via Twitter Lockerz Pic.
  • Tommy Lasorda's blog is always a must read. Here he reminisces about Mike Scioscia.

    Mike Scioscia had a habit of gaining weight. He liked to eat. One winter he was playing the in Dominican and Al Campanis told Ralph Avila to get a stationary bicycle with an odometer, and to check it every Monday and see how many miles he was riding.

    Mickey Hatcher told me he was walking by Scioscia’s apartment and he heard the wheels of the bike pumping.

    “Man, Mike is really pedaling hard,” said Mickey.

    He opened the door, and when he walked in he saw Scioscia lying on the couch with a pizza on his chest, and a Dominican kid was pedaling the bike!

  • Congrats, Greg, on snagging that vintage 1956 Topps Campanella card.
  • Tom Hoffarth tells us about the link between Duke Snider and Elvis Presley.
  • Former Dodger slugger, Mike Marshall, gets into a tussle as the manager for the Chico Outlaws- he slugs it out with former Major Leaguer Tony Phillips, via Steve Dilbeck.
  • I'll take any little victory that comes. Dodgers sign their #1 draft pick, Chris Reed, via the LA Times.
  • At least our pitchers can hit, via FoxSportsWest.
    But in the National League, several pitchers are known for being dangerous hitters, and Kershaw and Billingsley are among them.

    "You take it very seriously, because there are a couple games throughout the course of the season where you can win a game as far as getting a bunt down or the big hit," Billingsley said. "It's happened quite a few times."
  • Check out the new Ron Santo statue unveiled by the Cubs, via 30 Year Old Cardboard.
  • Upper Deck suing Upper Deck? Via The Cardboard Connection.
  • SCG Media talks to Dodger prospect Tony Delmonico.

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