Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Campy Slugs then Folds, Slugs then Folds

Here is a copy of a great vintage sports cartoon originally drawn by Murray Olderman, circa 1956. It features Roy Campanella and points out how much his career has gone up and down. He had 3 MVP seasons stacked between some clearly bad years at the plate. Better yet, Olderman's version of the Brooklyn Bum is seen in the corner saying, "Dis shocks me more'n' it does youse."

The artist, Murray Olderman, is more well known for his work in football. He is a member of the Football Hall of Fame and a past President of the Football Writer's Association. Check out his website, here.

BTW, the auction link from which this drawing comes from is below, but be forewarned. The auction is not for the actual drawing, but for a photocopy of it. So, unless you want a very expensive Xerox I suggest you just enjoy the artwork.

(Auction Link)

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