Sunday, November 13, 2011

Blog Kiosk: 11/13/2011

Matt Kemp with Dennis "Pedro Cerrano" Haysbert at the Gold Glove Awards ceremony on Friday. (Pic via Matt Kemp Lockerz)
  • Dodgers Ready for Moneyball, via SI.
    "We're becoming more numerically oriented," Colletti said. "We've always kept it as part of the mix, but there's so much more information now and its value is proven. It's not just theory any more. It's more of a foundation, along with scouting, as part of evaluation. For me it's 50-50.
  • I could support Bulldog. Orel Hershiser's Serious About Dodgers, via ESPN/Ramona Shelbourne.
    "I'm as serious as my heart beats," Hershiser told "The next step in the process is to be approved by baseball to bid on the team. We think with the people we have in place and the assets we have in place, we will be a serious contender."
  • McCourt sale announcement means increased ticket sales, via LA Times/Bill Shaikin.
    According to the person familiar with the team's business, McCourt's sale announcement triggered a wave of calls from fans interested in buying tickets and receiving assurances the reduced prices for 2012 would be honored by a new owner.
  • Happy Birthday, Trolley Dodger.
  • True Blue LA provides their Fall & Winter League update.
  • Surly & Scribe lets us know about a couple of LA Kings player appearances; including Luc Robitaille and Jarret Stoll.
  • Check out some photos from Panini from the 2011 Toronto Fall Card Expo. I've heard that this is one of the best hockey collector shows of the year. Here are some additional photos from Beckett. Then, Panini shows off their pack redemption program, here.
  • Come on now, Dee! Planking on some green? (Pic Link: Twitter deeg5599 Instgram)

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