Monday, November 07, 2011

Don't Tear Down Dodger Stadium!

Howard Cole makes a great comment in his column the other day in the OC Register, and I thought it important to emphasize it today. From the OC Register:

Repeat: Dodger Stadium is not deteriorating. It does not need to be razed, rebuilt, replaced or retrofitted, and anyone who says otherwise is just plain rong. Uh, wrong.

And get this: It most certainly does not need an extreme makeover for a new owner to profit beyond his wildest dreams.

That's right. There is no need to tear down the place. In fact, I think it's important for all like-minded Dodger fans to let the future owner understand that razing our 'Field of Dreams' would be unacceptable. It cannot happen, and if you think the vitriol hurled at the McCourt's was wild. Wait until rumors that a future owner will demand that Dodger Stadium be replaced reaches the consciousness of the fans. There would be an outright revolt.

1 comment:

  1. It'll happen regardless of any fan concern along with a new corporate sponsor name, like Coor's Silver Bullet Stadium or some such nonsense.


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