Thursday, December 29, 2011

1947 "Brooklyn Against The World" Invitation

Ephemera= Written matter meant to be useful for a short period.

The collecting mind knows no bound. We'll chase after anything as long as its related to something we enjoy. This even includes scraps of paper for a onetime event.

Found on eBay is the below dinner invitation celebrating the 1947 2nd Annual "Brooklyn Against the World" Amateur Baseball Series. Dodgers President Branch Rickey and Brooklyn Eagle Owner/Publisher Frank D. Schroth presided over the event. The series featured a group of all star sandlot nines and equivalent squads from as far away as Montreal in a game of ball. I am unsure how long this lasted, but appears to have at least gone on well into the 50's.
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Checkout the pic below that I found at the Brooklyn Public Library featuring a group of players from this tournament visiting the USS Juneau in Brooklyn Navy Yard. I had initially thought this was a youth tournament, but based on this pic that appears to be wrong.
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Below is a advertising sign for this exact 2nd Annual tournament. It had previously sold at Leland's for $115.00 in 2001.
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  1. I have been doing research on Brooklyn Against the Work as part of a project focused mainly on the hearst Sandlot Classic. The real force behind the games, which continued in various formats from 1946 through 1950, was Lou Niss, the sports editor of the Brooklyn Daily Eagle.

    In 1946 and 1947 the World players came from all over the country as well as from Hawaii, Cuba, and Montreal. Of those who played in these games, 10 made it to the majors including Whitey Ford. In 1948, the Brooklyn squad played a home and home series with a team from Washington, DC and then traveled to three Canadian cities and Providence, RI before returning home. In 1949 and 1950, Brooklyn and Montreal played a home and home series.

    By 1950, the Brooklyn event had lost its steam, Branch Rickey was overextended financially with his sports interests. Also, by then the Hearst Game was the pre-eminent kids All-Star game.

    I interviewed one player from the 1947 Brooklyn team and have corresponded with children of two of the 1946 World team players.


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