Friday, January 20, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 1/20/2012

Topps just release preview pics of their 2012 Tier One set. It is expected to be released on June 18th. Beckett has the info right here. Above is the Clayton Kershaw autographed card.
  • Clayton Kershaw overload. SoCal Sports Media interviews Clayton at the Barnes & Nobles during his recent book signing (Hat Tip: VSIMH), and here is another story and interview from Ken Gurnick at MLB.
  • Plenty of Dodgers Making the Cut on Bill James’ Top 100 Pitcher’s Duels, via Mike Scioscia's Tragic Illness.
  • Roberto at Vin Scully is My Homeboy provides an update on Gary Carter. We're all pulling for ya, Kid.
  • Should founding SI writer Robert Creamer be considered for the Hall of Fame? Via Baseball: Past and Present.
  • This is great news for the card collector. SCD lets us know that the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York will be digitizing the entire collection of Jefferson R. Burdick and making them available for viewing online. Burdick was the founder of the American Card Catalog who donated his collection of over 300,000 cards to the museum. SCD links to an interview with a curator in NY Magazine.
  • Gary Cieradkowski of the Infinite Card Set is featured in this nice ESPN article.
  • This is the hottest photo of Cameron Diaz I have ever seen, via If Charlie Parker Was a Gunslinger...
  • Am I bad man if this video makes me laugh uncontrollably? Check out Sad Packer Fan.
  • Etta James, RIP. From CNN.

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