Thursday, February 09, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 2/9/2012

Panini unveiled some preview pics of their upcoming Prime Cuts Baseball card brand. Why they are calling this a 2011 product when we are already into the second month of February, I do not know. These cards are expected to be released on March 15th.
  • It looks like Topps will be facing some stiff competition. Panini just signed a licensing deal with the Baseball Hall of Fame. Along with their deal with the Baseball Players Association it should allow them a chance to make some great looking cards. I suspect that once the current exclusive deal between Topps and MLB ends we'll see Panini join the fray. Topps won't be the only player in town anymore. Via Beckett.
  • Bloomberg Business Week takes a look at the Dodger bidders.
  • Evan Bladh at Opinion of Kingman's Performance writes a great story about former Brooklyn/ LA Dodgers bat boy Charlie "The Brow" DiGiovanna.
  • Bob Lemke creates an great looking 1956 Topps card with Tommy Lasorda wearing a Kansas City A's uniform.
  • Chad Moriyama realizes that we've all been trolled by Josh Macciello.

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