Friday, March 23, 2012

The Koufax Auto's Do Exist- Have Any Been Pulled?

Yesterday, I posted up pics of some of the Dodger "hits" available in 2012 Topps Heritage and noted that the checklist indicates that autographed Sandy Koufax cards exist, but that I had yet to see one for sale on eBay or anywhere on the net.

That is... until this morning. Apparently, I am not the only one who has noticed its absence. One twitter user asked Topps yesterday, "do they exist?" They responded with photographic evidence.

See the pic below of a red ink Sandy Koufax 2012 Topps Heritage autographed card numbered to 10. Please note that this is the same card photo Topps released back in February on Facebook.
(Pic link: twitter @ToppsCards)

On top of that, Topps provided pics of the more common blue ink version. The actual number of cards signed of this version are unknown, but based on the lack of them showing up on the eBay marketplace tells me they may be very scarce.
(Pic link: twitter @ToppsCards)

So, we know Koufax signed a bunch of them, but has anyone pulled a Koufax auto? Are they even in the packs? Maybe I'm searching eBay wrong, but I show only the dual Koufax/Kershaw auto's have been for sale. Where are the Koufax's like the one above? It just can't be possible that one of them has not popped up on eBay. Can it?

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