Friday, April 27, 2012

2012 Gypsy Queen- Dodgers Autographs

Following up on my post from earlier this week, check out the inserted Dodgers autograph cards that can be found in packs of Topps 2012 Gypsy Queen cards.  BTW, if you want to see a complete checklist of the set go here.

Before I get to the cards I wanted to note that there are numerous Matt Kemp autographs in the set, but none of them have been inserted into packs.  Instead, a redemption card is included that would need to be sent to Topps for later delivery.  From all accounts, Kemp has yet to sit down and do a signing for Topps this season, so we will all have to wait until he has that opportunity to do a signing.  Now, on to the cards.

GQA-AET Andre Ethier

GQA-CK Clayton Kershaw

GQA-NE Nathan Eovaldi

GQA-SK Sandy Koufax

Dual Autograph Relic Card
GQDAR-GE Steve Garvey - Andre Ethier 

This card looks a bit weird as Topps used different stickers for the autographs.  There is also a triple autograph relic card that features Kemp, Reggie Jackson and Ken Griffey, Jr. that is available through a redemption card.

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  1. Kemp has either yet to sign, or the companies are in the process of filling the redemptions with recently-received autos from him. Same for his Panini Contenders autos.


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