Thursday, April 12, 2012

Collection: 2005 Edwin Jackson Leaf Certified

I recall seeing this kid pitch on the mound at the tender age of 20 in 2003. In fact, his very first Major League game was on his 20th birthday. Anyway, the kid was raw, but filled with tons of promise. He was regarded, at the time, to be a potential future ace and a can't miss prospect, and for one day, at least, he proved many of those scouts right.

Edwin Jackson was a September call-up during a season that can be best described as forgettable. The Dodgers were 10.5 games out of first place, and had nothing to lose by testing out a young arm in a season already considered lost.

So, they threw the kid out to the wolves, and witnessed a pitching duel they did not expect (but hoped for). Edwin Jackson allowed just one run in six innings while out-dueling future Hall of Famer Randy Johnson of the Diamondbacks. He was as good as advertised, and much of Dodger Nation rejoiced at the thought of having a future ace on our hands.

Unfortunately, that feeling would not last long. The next season he looked overwhelmed and unsure of himself. His strike out rate plummeted as his ERA climbed. Edwin Jackson was looking like a flash in the pan. Soon, he was traded away to Tampa Bay for a couple of relievers not worth mentioning. He has since bounced around the league, and recently signed on with his 7th different club for this season.

Featured in this post is my 2005 Leaf Certified Materials Red Mirror Parallel autographed card of Edwin Jackson numbered out of 250.

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