Friday, June 29, 2012

Eric Karros Honored Last Night

With the Dodgers on a protracted downward slide,  I sometimes find it best to take my attention away for a moment.  For instance, why fret about the current 5 game losing streak?  It could only give you an ulcer, and besides there is nothing you can do about it right now anyway.  The way I see it, the Dodgers are going through a serious injury bug and are fortunate to be in the situation they are in. 

Heck, I can hear the worried screams of the Dodger faithful.  All I can tell ya is to calm down and take a deep breath.  So what if we lost our season-long grip on first place?  There is more than enough time to right the ship once our sails are at full mast.

That said, I figured it would be nice to take a brief look back at yesterday's festivities.  After all, it was Eric Karros bobblehead night.
(@Dodgers/ Instagram)
Karros had his two sons with him, and made sure to say hello to Maury Will.  Better yet, Jon SooHoo put up some great historical photo of Eric Karros during his Dodgers career.  See them all here.  Below is probably my favorite one.

(Jon SooHoo/ LA Dodgers)

If the photos don't quite do it for ya, how about an exclusive interview with Eric by the Daily Bruin.  Tyler Drohan speaks with Karros about UCLA Baseball.

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