Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Kings & Stanley Cup to make an Appearance at Dodger Stadium Tomorrow

(Pic Credit: Twitter @BernieNicholls9)

With much posh and circumstance the NHL Champion Los Angeles Kings and the Stanley Cup will slowly make its rounds to meet fans throughout Southern California this summer. 

Where will its first stop be?  Dodger Stadium, of course.

Before tomorrow's game, on Wednesday, the Kings and the Stanley Cup will make an appearance on the field.  Both the Dodgers and Angels will get together with The Cup for a special 3-team photo.  Then, a Kings player or more will throw out the first pitch.  The Dodgers PR department indicated an expected time on field at 6:00 PM.  So, get there early!

It is unknown who or how many Kings players will be going to the game.  I would be surprised if it was the entire team, but a handful would be great.

BTW, the above photo is why I love twitter.  Above, Trevor Lewis (on left) and Drew Doughty carry The Cup at what looks like a afternoon get together earlier today.  The photo was taken by current Kings coach and former Kings superstar goal scorer Bernie Nicholls.  Both Colin Fraser and Mike Richards also tweeted photos of The Cup today from the party, here and here.  Another tweet, found here, says they're partying at Stoll's house and The Cup is in the pool.  LOL!
(Pic Credit: Dave Sanford on twitter)

Here is a great video from the NHL showing the arrival of Stanley Cup to the game last night.

Video Link:

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