Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Kings Visit Dodger Stadium

(Pic Credit: Jon SooHoo/ Los Angeles Dodgers 2012)

The Kings, with the Stanley Cup in tow, visited Dodgers Stadium today and proceeded to squash any sense of a rivalry that may have been afoot.  Heck, just the mere presence of the recent Stanley Cup Champions caused both Los Angeles Baseball teams (snicker, snicker) to fall in line for a giant team photo.  Check out Jon SooHoo's masterpiece above.  I guess no one can deny the championship love parade that comes from winning it all.  Heck, even Matt Kemp was taken in by the majesty and shininess of The Cup.
(Pic Credit: twitter John SooHoo/ LA Dodgers 2012)

There are a ton of pics online; especially on twitter.  My top pick would be The Mayor of Mayor's Manor (a Kings Blog).  He has a large group of pics available to see.  My favorite is of defenseman Matt Greene sporting a full Dodger uniform complete with glove and Eye Black. He must be a huge Baseball fan.
(Pic Credit: The Mayor John Hoven)
Apparently Greene even stayed in the dugout just as the game was starting. Ain't that a violation of Baseball rules?  Does that mean MLB can suspend Greene from the game? Could he have been thrown out?  How funny would it have been if the umpire spotted him and demanded his exit?
(Pic Credit: The Mayor John Hoven)

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