Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 7/3/2012

Maybe the Dodgers can put up this cardboard version of Magic Johnson around Dodger Stadium since some folks seem to believe his presence is key.  (Pic via instagram @mcnocando)
  • Frankly, I think all of the recent flack hurled at Magic Johnson for being absent from Dodger Stadium to be a bunch of phooey.  On top of that, I don't want Magic to be hands-on with the Dodgers.  In other words, he's not a Baseball man and has very little to add when it comes to putting together the team.  That job belongs to Stan Kasten. 
  • Jon Weisman writes a piece for LA Magazine that deserves your attention. "Dodger Thoughts: 20 Years Ago, the Epitome of Joy".
In other words, you think things are bad with this year’s Dodgers right now – well, they had nothing on the Dodgers of ’92.
After going hitless in his previous 28 at-bats, Loney had an understandable smile on his face Sunday night after recording a hit and two RBI in the Dodgers’ 8-3 win over the New York Mets. He felt good enough to tell a skeptical Mattingly he had turned the corner.

“He came into my office and he felt like he’s got it, so we’ll see,” Mattingly said. “He feels good, so we’ll see. He’s confident.” 
  • I just realized that former Dodger farmhand Justin Ruggiano is breaking out in Miami.  He was drafted by the Dodgers in 2004, and subsequently sent packing a couple of years later as part of the "player to be named later" in the Toby Hall trade.  Ruggiano is batting .397 in 26 games, and has a 1.212 OPS right now.  As Bugs & Cranks notes:
However, as baseball fans, we should enjoy those small sample size rides when we can. Right now, Marlins fans are enjoying the hell out of Justin Ruggiano’s mind-bending performance.
  • Eye on LA Sports shares his photos from Photo Day at Dodger Stadium.
  • LA Brew Crew had a busy weekend.  Check out all of his photos from Karros Bobblehead Night and Hello Kitty Sunday.
  • Chad Moriyama has a .gif of last nights beaning of Cozart by Billingsley.  OUCH!
  • Matt Kemp will be playing in Rancho Cucamonga today, via Dylan Hernandez at the LA Times.
  • This is just to make you laugh.  
When a college professor is enlisted to investigate a series of unusual snake attacks, he gets more than he bargained for - an assistant with a chip on her shoulder, a massive military cover-up, and of course, a whole lot of snakes. Sound good? Well, it's not, but the gang from Cinematic Titanic is back to help you laugh your way through it.

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