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2012 Goodwin Champions - Dodgers Related Cards

As some you know, Upper Deck recently released their 2012 Goodwin Champions set, and although it doesn't directly include any Dodgers (save a 19th century player) it does have several players who are associated with the Dodgers.  Check them out below.

Since Magic Johnson is now a part owner I feel compelled to share any new cards made of him; especially if he is sporting a suit indicative of his business acumen. 

#5 Magic Johnson

Hey, Greg Maddux wore Blue for a little bit of time.  Besides, he isn't wearing a uniform of any team, so I figured we should claim him as our own.  Furthermore, the old master is shown throwing a wiffle ball which has awesome written all over it.

#22 Greg Maddux

He's our coach, our captain, and the only man who can make a gawd awful sweater look swank.

#84 Don Mattingly

Hall of Famer Ned Hanlon never actually played for the Dodgers, but he did manage them for a bit.  He steered the Brooklyn Superbas (as they where known back then) from 1899 to 1905.  Over that time he won two National League pennants, and had an overall record of 511 wins to 488 loses in Brooklyn.  He was also an owner of team.  After the 1898 season he bought shares of the Superbas and moved several of his players from the Baltimore Orioles to Brooklyn.  By 1905 he had wanted to move the Superbas to Baltimore, but was overruled when Charles Ebbets bought out his shares.

#163 Ned Hanlon

Here is the man who saved the Dodgers from moving to Baltimore.  In 1905 he bought out Ned Hanlon and kept the team in the New York borough.  In 1912 he built Ebbets Field which would become the iconic home of the Brooklyn Dodgers.

#204 Charles Ebbets

Below is a 1888 Masterpiece Originals drawing that was inserted into packs.  This is a hand painted original art card emulating the original 1888 Goodwin Champions card. These cards are serial numbered to 10 and is one of the key cards from the set.  Bob Caruthers played for Brooklyn from 1888 to 1891, having won 110 games against 51 loses.

GMPS-4 Bob Caruthers

BTW, following up on my recent rants (here and here) regarding the cut-up pieces of the Union/ American flag that was placed in relic cards, Rob Ford at Upper Deck shares more details about their thinking and "state of repair" of the flag in question.  Check out what he wrote here

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