Friday, November 02, 2012

A Friday Musical Interlude with Luis Cruz and Adrian Gonzalez

With yesterday being Fernando Valenzuela's 52nd birthday, it provided a great reminder of how vital Mexican-Americans have become to Southern California, Los Angeles, and the Dodgers.  Fernando was just the first athlete to make his mark on us, and there will surely be more.  In celebration of his Latino heritage a couple of new videos were released yesterday featuring a couple of new Mexican-American Dodger stars: Luis Cruz and Adrian Gonzalez

It includes game footage and some excellent tunes from Nacional Records artists La Vida Bohème and Nortec Collective.  Personally, I've never heard of the bands, but I'm also 40 years old so my desire to discover new music has diminished over time.  Still, I have to admit that these two songs had my feet tapping and my head bobbing.

Both La Vida Bohème and Nortec Collective are no strangers to the Dodgers.  They have both played at Viva Los Dodgers this past season.  As a special bonus, FREE downloads from both bands are available as a part a Nacional Records label sampler through Amazon.comGo here to download some tunes.

Now, watch the two videos below.  Here is the Luis Cruz Dodgers intro with La Vida Bohème.

Video Link:

Below is the Adrian Gonzalez Dodgers intro with Nortec Collective.  I especially liked this song.

Video Link:

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