Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Blog Kiosk: 12/4/2012

The Dodgers shared a great vintage pic on twitter of the Dodgers marching in (I believe) the 1955 World Series victory parade with Dodgers batboy, Charlie "The Brow" DiGiovanna," leading the pack. BTW, Charlie is well known to collectors as the brilliant ghost signer for many Dodger players.
  • The Dodgers lost a member of the family recently.  Longtime Dodgers equipment manager “Super Dave”  David Wright recently passed away, via Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo.  Jon shared a photo of him, here. RIP.  BTW, here is something I didn't realize, the Dodgers have had only 3 equipment managers since they've been in LA.
  • There's a lot of posturing going on in the Hyun-Jin Ryu negotiations.  Yesterday, there was quite a bit of back-and-forth regarding the Dodgers lack of an offer as indicated by Boras and Colletti mentioning the slow pace of discussions.  Now, Boras states that Ryu could pitch in Japan, and that he wants a contract that pays him like a No. 3 MLB starter right out of the gate.  I do not know if it's a good sign that negotiations have become this public.
  • Maury Brown at Baseball Prospectus speaks with Stan Kasten.
So, I said to Mark Walter, the head Guggenheim, if we’re going to do the Dodgers there’s someone I want you to meet that will fit perfect into join our group and that was Magic. I had known him for many, many years from my time in the NBA, so we met, hit it off and decided to have us all come together. And, in doing so, the three elements that our group brought to the table was Guggenheim and all the resources they could provide. There was me with my experience in building baseball franchises, and then there’s Magic, who singlehandedly embodies winning and a dedication to fans in Los Angeles like no other human being on earth. So, we thought if we put those three things together we’d be a very strong combination.
  • Ballpark modeler Steve Wolf is working on a Ebbets Field replica model and expects it to be completed in time to be featured during REA's 2013 auction, via Sports Collectors News.
  • Ashley Burns at With Leather features the greatest piece of street art I have ever seen.  Bar none!
  • FYI, the pair of gloves worn by Muhammad Ali in his 1971 bout against Joe Frazier recently sold at SCP Auctions at the record price of $385,848.00.  This boxing match was called "The Fight of the Century."  As Sports Collectors Daily notes, this (along with the gloves Ali wore against Sonny Liston in 1964) sold at world record values.  See the Ali vs. Frazier gloves at right.

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