Friday, January 11, 2013

I Went Photoshop Crazy- 3 More Dodgers Fantasy Baseball Cards

I'm addicted, I tell ya.  Addicted! 

I've been having a grand old time making my own fantasy Baseball cards the past several months, and I just can't stop.  Heck, why would I want to?

So, last night I put together 3 more beauties that uses a 1987 Topps template and some nifty photographs recently shared by Dodgers photographer Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2013.   I'll mix and match the card styles from time to time, but lately I've been having a secret love affair with the 1987 set.  I use to despise the design, but have new found love for it.  Check out my creations below.

McGwire in Blue.  It is so strange looking, but I like it.

I even like it better that our new batting coach is imparting his knowledge on Matt Kemp.  The below photograph is just darling.  It features Vin Scully hanging out with Jo Lasorda, Tommy's wife.  Also, from the looks of it, this photograph appears to be from Vero Beach- Dodgertown.

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