Tuesday, March 19, 2013

2013 Topps Opening Day Baseball - Dodgers Base Cards

This is probably the least necessary Baseball set brand ever created.  Officially set to be released tomorrow, retail blaster boxes of the 2013 Topps Opening Day set have already been seen in local stores throughout the country.  The best part about this set is that it's affordable.  A pack of cards (or a box) is roughly half the price of the flagship Series 1 set.  A complete checklist for the set can be seen here.

The Topps Opening Day set uses the exact same design as the Series 1 counterpart, and even uses the exact same photos.  The main difference is the inclusion of a 2013 Opening Day logo on the front.  Furthermore, there are always a handful Dodger players inserted into this set that did not make it into the Series 1 flagship set, so we get an early peek at what their cards will look like when the Series 2 version comes out.  For instance, we get a first look at base cards of Hanley Ramirez, Carl Crawford and Zack Greinke in a Dodger uniform (see the 2013 Topps Dodgers base cards here).  I think the Greinke card is poorly airbrushed!

There are only 9 Dodgers' players represented in this 220 card set.  See them all below.  I'll a have the Dodgers' inserts to show in a future posting.

#11 Hanley Ramirez  

#45 Clayton Kershaw                           #46 Zack Greinke          

#60 Carl Crawford                             #86 Brandon League

#87 Adrian Gonzalez                              #100 Matt Kemp      

#153 Andre Ethier                                 #192 Josh Beckett

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