Wednesday, April 10, 2013

2013 Panini Triple Play Baseball - Dodgers Cards

Panini released their first Baseball card set of the 2013 season last week, and it's Triple Play.  This is a set geared towards kids.  Players are represented as cartoon figures, sometimes creating hilarious results.  See what I mean below.
Base Set
Adrian Gonzalez looks... well, Asian.  Am I wrong?
#40 Adrian Gonzalez

Andre Ethier has a very serious yet somewhat sad stare in the drawing below.  It's like he's pondering his place in the world or his ability to hit left-handed pitchers in the Dodgers lineup.
#41 Andre Ethier

Clayton almost looks like Randy Johnson or some character in the movie Deliverance.  Anyone have a banjo you can gift to our ace?
#42 Clayton Kershaw

This Matt Kemp is clearly the best of the bunch.  As Samuel L. Jackson might say, he's a "bad mutha....!"
#43 Matt Kemp

Unfortunately, I have no idea what it says on the reverse.  So, if you happen to have this card please let me know what this is all about.  Based on what I see, Clayton played a little bit of floor hockey as a kid.  However, since they are wearing football helmets maybe it's some sort of hybrid hockey/football game he made up that consist of tackling and sanctioned fighting.
#96 Clayton Kershaw

Red Border Stckers
#12 Matt Kemp

Blue Border Stckers
#7 Adrian Gonzalez

#8 Clayton Kershaw

Panini All-Stars
#2 Adrian Gonzalez                                 #21 Matt Kemp

I would so put these on and wear them around the office.
Eye Black Stickers
#10 Clayton Kershaw

I would also put these on my face; one on each cheek.

#7 "#27 Kemp"

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