Monday, July 08, 2013

How Excited is Nolasco? So Excited He Answers Dodger Fans Tweets!

Not only was Ricky Nolasco elated at meeting up with his old Miami teammate last night (as evidenced by the above photo tweeted out by the @Dodgers), but he was so excited he took to twitter this morning to answer fan questions directly.  I guess you can say he participated in an informal "Tweet Seat" that I will call the "Ricky Cast" - in homage to Vin Scully's "Vin Cast" earlier this season.

Check out some of his responses below.

Ricky starts out easily enough.

Guess who else was excited?

Then, he tells everyone a bit about where he grew up playing ball.  He's a product of Bud Bender Park in Rialto.

(Pic via Chris Sloan/Dameron Comm)

Of course, some Magic love is in order.

If you didn't already know, Nolasco will be wearing #47 for the Dodgers.

And now I know I've love this guy.  He's a Kings fan!

I think the courting of Giancarlo Stanton will soon begin.

BTW, he drives a white Lamborghini and a lifted truck.

And he loves Glamis!  BTW, the off-road truck below is a 1200 twin turbo LS7.

And to finish this off, he tells us his favorite thing to eat.

Yum!!!  Now I'm off to lunch.
(pic via Simply Recipes)

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