Tuesday, August 13, 2013

DeVito, Punto and Schumaker - Sitting in a Tree

What an amazingly crazy game it was yesterday.  The Dodgers continue to win, and fans and players alike are going mad.

Really!  There is something strange in the air, and it's starting to play out like some silly prime time sitcom. 

As an example, it's no secret that Skip Schumaker and Nick Punto are friends.  After all, based on a report from Arash Markazi at ESPN you have to be close friend to be able to joke the way they do.
Schumaker and Punto can often be heard playfully going back and forth at each other and engaging their teammates in daily ribbings and roasts that have made for some classic clubhouse moments this season.
Apparently a running joke in the clubhouse is that Schumaker calls Punto, Danny DeVito. So, when DeVito showed up to Dodger Stadium, hijinks was sure to occur.  Via @ArashMarkazi on twitter:

@Molly_Knight on twitter adds more details.

As you know, Punto started the game and based on what you might expect would be the outcome in a tv show, he connected in the 7th inning with a home run.  Hollywood then took over.

That's right, Punto reached into the stands and celebrated with Danny DeVito.  Then, DeVito shows us a crazy dance.

Holy Moly!  This game and the season is starting to get unreal.

Watch the MLB video below of Nick Punto talking about his solo homer in the seventh as Danny DeVito joins the interview to celebrate.

Video Link:

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