Friday, September 06, 2013

Nick's Dodger Dream

Here's a Dodger story to warm your heart.

A few days ago a video popped up on youtube called "Nick's Dodger Dream".  Here is a description:
Nick Ybarra is a young man who has been born with Down Syndrome but his love for Dodger Baseball has brought wonder and smiles to everyone around him. With the recent success of the 2013 Dodgers it would mean nothing more to get him to meet Vin Scully and throw the first pitch. PLEASE HELP US and make this dream come true and spread the word to get the Dodgers notice.
Well, KABC News got on the horse and made it happen.  Check out their story here.  Also, watch the original youtube video made by Nick's sister, below.

Video Link:

Nick's Dodger Dream will be coming true on Friday, September 13th.  He'll have an opportunity to meet Vin Scully and throw out the first pitch. 

Congrats, big guy! 
"He brings a lot of people pleasure, and he's going to have a day of pleasure himself," said Nick's mother, Carol Ybarra.
KABC's video is available below to watch.

Video Link:

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  1. Really Cool, Congrat's to the entire Ybarra Family. GO NICK !!!!

    Tom Monahan

  2. Awesome!!!
    great job Josh Guereque
    great job Nick!


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