Friday, November 15, 2013

Check out the Dodgers 2014 Promotional Schedule - 11 New Bobbleheads

With every new day, the Dodgers 2014 season gets that much closer. Soon, we will enjoy the splendors of spring.  We will again experience the smell of freshly cut Dodger grass, the warm April sunshine and the sounds of a batted ball. 

The roar of the crowd will welcome us into the new season and Dodger Blue will encompass the southland.  I'm excited about what the new season will hold, and I look forward to visiting my home away from home.

That is why today's announcement, focused on the Dodgers 2014 promotional schedule, gives me great joy.  It means that Baseball is around the corner, and in a short few months I'll find myself holding tight to the newest stadium give-away.  There will be 11 new bobbleheads (including a Dodger Babe Ruth bobble and a new Hello Kitty bobble), a pennant, an facsimile autographed Baseball, and Dodger inflatable chair.  Something special is planned to celebrate Vin Scully's 65th year, and Hello Kitty is back with a vengeance with 2 separate give-aways.  There's so much available, it begs one to wonder, "do I have enough room in the house?"

Go here to see the entire Dodger promotional schedule.

Below is a listing of notable items.
Dodger Bobbleheads:
  • Clayton Kershaw on April 24 (vs. PHI);
  • Yasiel Puig on May 13 (vs. MIA);
  • Hyun-Jin Ryu on May 27 (vs. CIN);
  • Hello Kitty Mini Bobblehead on June 3 (vs. White Sox);
  • Tommy Lasorda on June 14 (vs. ARI);
  • Fan Vote bobblehead on June 26 (vs. STL);
  • Pee Wee Reese and Roy Campanella (Coliseum moment; 1959) on July 12 (vs. SD);
  • Steve Garvey, Ron Cey, Dusty Baker, Reggie Smith (30 HR same season) on July 31 (vs. ATL);
  • Zack Greinke on August 20 (vs. SD);
  • Magic Johnson on September 2 (vs. WAS); and 
  • Babe Ruth (first base coach in Brooklyn; 1938) on September 9 (vs. SD).
I am hoping fans strongly consider longtime Dodger organist Nancy Bea Hefley for the Fan Vote bobblehead on June 26th.  It would be a fitting tribute.

Also of note, the Dodgers will be giving out a Dodger Babe Ruth bobblehead.  As you may know, he was a Brooklyn Dodger coach for one season - 1938.  This is kind of a mixed blessing.  It's kinda cool to have a Ruth Dodger bobble, but when you consider that the Dodgers gave him a false promise of a managerial position in order to take advantage of his gate receipt power, It's kind of a dicky thing to do.  We lie to him and treat him like a clown for financial gain, only to yet again take advantage of him to sell tickets 76 years later.  Oy Vey!

Here are some other notable give-aways.
  • Kids’ Yasiel Puig Fathead on April 6 (vs. SF);
  • Zip-Up Hooded Sweatshirt on April 8 (vs. DET);
  • Dodger welcome mat on April 19 (vs. ARI);
  • Fleece Blanket on April 22 (vs. PHI);
  • Inflatable chair on May 8 (vs. SF);
  • Old-Timers’ Game and pennant on May 10 (vs. SF);
  • Mother’s Day clutch and postgame walk around the park on May 11 (vs. SF);
  • BBQ Apron on May 26 (vs. CIN); 
  • Kids’ Batting Helmet  on June 1 (vs. PIT);
  • Hello Kitty Mini Bobblehead on June 3 (vs. White Sox);
  • Father’s Day Sports Bag on June 15 (vs. ARI);
  • Facsimile Autograph baseball on June 17 (vs. COL);
  • Don Newcombe Adult Replica Brooklyn Jersey on July 1 (vs. CLE);
  • Hello Kitty item on July 10 (vs. SD);
  • Portable speaker on July 13 (vs. SD);
  • Vin Scully 65th anniversary commemorative item on July 29 (vs. ATL); and 
  • Headphones on September 6 (vs. ARI).
Again, go here for a complete promotional schedule.  BTW, Friday Night Fireworks comes back, as does Viva Los Dodgers Days on Sundays.

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  1. If Ronald Belisario is still a Dodger in 2014 he has my fan vote.


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