Monday, December 16, 2013

A Roundup of Vin Scully's #AskVin "Vin Cast" from this Morning

After taking home 5 major awards during the inaugural MLB Social Media Awards, the Dodgers decide to up the ante by hosting a #AskVin twitter session this morning.  As you may know, the Dodgers won the Best Team Promotion with their Vin Scully "Vin Cast" on twitter this past June, so why not end the year right with a encore.  Besides, Scully is the Grand Marshall of this years Tournament of Roses Parade, and he figured fans would want to ask him all about it.  So check out some of the more notable tweets below.  I especially enjoyed reading his exchange with Yahoo Sports reporter Tim Brown about Christmas in Scully's home as a youth.  BTW, he spent about an hour with fans this morning.

First, the Dodgers announce Scully's entrance.

And he starts it with his normal flare.

He's as humble as ever.

His greatest Dodgers moment?

Most memorable year?

So, how would Vin rank Kershaw.

What was your favorite Christmas gift, Vin?

Vin adds more

Then more.

Then, Christmas morn.

What is Vin Scully's favorite Baseball Movie?

Here's something I've always wanted to know.

Very first game?

A favorite celebrity memory?

Best player ever?

And Vin Scully's "Thank You" and "Goodbye".

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