Friday, September 19, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 9/19/2014 - Dodger Links - A Dodger Win from Behind

The Dodgers came in to Wrigley Field with all of the motivation in the world.  They had ten games left to play in the long season and with just a few more wins they can take the division.  Unfortunately, it took longer than desired for them to finally put their game faces on - unlike Matt Kemp as evidenced in the photo taken above by Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014.  He joined a young Dodger fan before the game for a "selfie scowl" that I'm sure the little tyke will share with his friends.  Go here to check out more pics by Jon taken yesterday.

Things were looking bleak for the Dodgers in the early going.  They quickly fell behind to the Cubs, 4 to 1, going into the seventh inning.  Zack Greinke could not hold back the young Chicago bats as they knocked out nine hits against our second ace.  Then, the Dodger bats woke up.  In the seventh inning they knocked out three singles, two doubles, and scored five runs to take a lead they would not relinquish.  

The Dodgers 8 to 4 victory drops their magic number to 8 games and increases their lead over the Giants to 2.5 games.  Clayton Kershaw pitches this afternoons game against old friend Edwin Jackson in hopes of attaining his league leading 20th win.  Check out some more links below:
But sometime within the last week or so somebody finally got to Puig. Whether it was Mark McGwire or John Valentin or Don Mattingly is anybody’s guess, but the message finally sunk in and Puig moved in closer to the plate – and the results have been immediate and staggering. 
  • Topps has just release a retro 1969 Dodger team poster (numbered to only 99 copies) on their website.  Go here to check it out.  There is also a parallel version numbered to only 10 copies available.  The "1 of 1" version is already sold out.  Check out the more common poster on the right, priced at $29.99.
  • Via Ron Shah at FanGraphs, "Dodgers’ Lefty Tom Windle Shows Power Stuff."
  • Via Cary Osborne at Dodger Insider, "J.P. Howell nears single-season Dodger reliever ERA record."
  • Via a Dodger fan was able to save the life of a young Giants fan with a bone marrow transplant.
  • Via Jeff Sullivan at Fan Graphs, "Zack Greinke’s Turned Into an Actual Hitter."
But all the while, as Greinke’s numbers have bounced around, he’s genuinely improved. And he’s improved to the point where, now, Greinke might be a half-decent hitter, and I don’t mean relative to pitchers this time.
  • Via All About Cards, Topps announced that the 2014 Finest Rookie Auto Redemption #1 will be Sandy Koufax.  So, if you pulled that card wondering who it might be then you are in luck. I will be sure to share a photo once they are sent out by Topps

Rookie Autograph Redemption

#1 Sandy Koufax
(via a redemption card)
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  1. Wow. That poster is so poorly done I'm surprised topps released it The original from an old post on your blog.. 11 players... printed signatures... text that is actually shaped properly to the flag and fits the era (ugh that text on the new poster).

    1. wow... ya know, I didn't even look at it that closely. You're right, it looks nothing like the vintage version. I think it's clear Topps has gotten lazy


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