Saturday, September 06, 2014

Blog Kiosk: 9/6/2014 - Dodger Links - Some Dodger Odds and Ends

Here is the 2014 Dodger organization team photograph, via Jill Weisleder/LA Dodgers 2014Go here to check out more photos from Jill, Jon SooHoo and Juan Ocampo from yesterday.
(via Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2014)
"And soon Clayton is teaching these kids how to throw and catch a ball, without communicating with words. And that was the moment he realized that God gave him the ability to throw a baseball and it can make a difference to a kid in Africa. And he realized he could do this, even if it was my calling and not his. It was an amazing moment."
You can check out a bunch of great photos taken by Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo here.  The photo on the right is of Andre Ethier with his own paddle.  LOL!

What you don’t think of ace pitchers as doing is hurling the ball down the middle very often. That’s the danger zone, the area where you find the bulk of the meatballs. Turns out Kershaw’s not afraid of going down the pipe. Turns out Kershaw doesn’t really get hurt there very much.

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