Monday, September 29, 2014

Dee Gordon's a Diamond in the Rough - 2011 Topps Diamond Card

After most pundits and fans had completely written off the young Dodger infielder, Dee Gordon proved that he has game.  He started the spring season without a job on the Dodgers roster, but quickly earned a second base position with some solid preseason play.  Then, he rewarded the Dodgers faith by posting some phenomenal numbers to start the year.

During the months of March and April he slashed an astounding .344/.375/.478 and had thirteen stolen bases in fourteen tries.  He cooled off a bit the next month, but soon found some consistency for the remainder of the season.  All the while, his speed wreaked havoc on the bases throughout.  He ended up leading the Major Leagues in both stolen bases with 64 and triples with 12.

Even more impressive was how well Gordon played second base.  Considering that he had recently learned the position he still found a way to impress the fans with his range and guile.  It felt like every game he would make an spectacular play to get a key out.  Overall, he recorded only twelve errors.  

No doubt, Dee Gordon had become a diamond in the rough - which is a timely phrase to use since the 2011 Topps Update Dee Gordon embedded diamond "1 of 1" card had recently made an appearance on eBay.  Check out a pic of it above and below.

As you might recall, Topps made scarce diamond embedded baseball cards for every base card in their 2011 Topps set to celebrate their diamond anniversary - their 60th year making Baseball cards.  So far, only a handful of the Dodger diamond cards have been unearthed (I'm sure many others sit safely in private collections).  Go here to check out all of the other diamond Dodger cards I have found and written about.

UPDATE:  I think I spotted a grammar mistake on the reverse of this Gordon card.   Isn't it "where his future laid" not "where his future lied?"  Right?  My mind isn't playing tricks on me, is it?  I should talk, though, my gremmer is always in question.

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  1. Regarding the GRAMMAR - better usage would have been " was IN baseball - not basketball - where his future LIES" . Forms of LAY (LAID) are used when the subject is acting as in "I lay (laid) the book down. A state of being or future uses the form of LIE (LIES) . The book lies on the table. Success lies in his future

  2. crap. aside from a printing plate, i think this is the only parallel i am missing of that particular card. too bad i don't have $400 to spend on it!

  3. i just saw that the marcus thames diamond card is on ebay, too. the guy who pulled it had it graded for some unknown reason


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