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2014 Panini Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary Baseball - The Dodger Sapphire and Autographed Cards

Turning back to Panini's Hall of Fame 75th Anniversary card set, I now share photos of the Sapphire and autographed Dodger insert cards.  Go here to check out a complete checklist of this set. 

The Sapphire card set is Panini's attempt to make valuable embedded precious metal/gem card.  Located near the bottom of the card (in the area that represents home plate) is a small (very small) gemstone.  There are three different variations available; including an Sapphire (#/15), Emerald (#/10) and a Diamond (#/1).

Certainly, this set is suppose to be the premier find in packs.  Unfortunately, they haven't sold too well on eBay.  Over the past week I've seen the Roy Campanella and Jackie Robinson gem cards (sapphire or emerald) sell from between $20.00 to $50.00 a piece.  At these kind of prices I just might have to chase them just for the heck of it.  Check out the Dodger cards below.

HOF 75th Anniversary Sapphire Card Set

#18 Jackie Robinson

#20 Roy Campanella                        #43 Jackie Robinson

#45 Roy Campanella

#68 Jackie Robinson

#70 Roy Campanella

#77 Burleigh Grimes                               #80 Duke Snider

There are a bunch of Dodger autographed cards available.  Unfortunately, many of them have yet to turn up.  Below is a checklist of the unseen cards:

Hall of Fame Heroes Buyback Autographs Set
  • #5 Burleigh Grimes (#/13)
  • #8 Duke Snider (#/25)
2012 Cooperstown Buyback Autographs Set
  • #2 Don Sutton  (#/11)
  • #25 Tommy Lasorda (#/25)
HOF Cut Signatures Set
  • #10 Burleigh Grimes (#/5)
  • #15 Duke Snider (#/2)
  • #27 Jackie Robinson  (#/1)
  • #57 Duke Snider (#/1)
#27 Jackie Robinson  (#/1)

HOF Class Dual Signatures Set
  • #7 Tommy Lasorda & Phil Niekro
The only cards I do have photos of are a part of the below Hall of Fame Signatures set.

HOF Signatures Set

#18 Don Sutton                  #20 Duke Snider

#63 Tommy Lasorda                                    #79 Don Sutton

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