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Blog Kiosk: 10/29/2014 - Dodger Links - Howard for Hodges, Tommy Davis and GO ROYALS!

Lexi knows what's up!  If she can do it twice, so can you.  This photo was shared on twitter by @MLBFanCave and came via @kc85wilson on twitter, and it's the greatest thing I've seen on twitter in a long time.  Go Royals Go!

As you know Game 7 of the World Series is tonight, and if your not paying attention to it then you're missing out.  This is the kind of event all sports fans dream of.  After 162 game season, a wild card game, two playoff league series and six games in the finals we are down to just one more game.  It's THE final game of the year and I suspect both teams will leave everything they've got on the field. 

Mike Oz at Big League Stew tells us about the "Seven of the most memorable World Series Game 7s in baseball history" that is definitely worth checking out before tonight's game.  If I had to choose the best of the seven I'd go with the Sandy Koufax's shutout against the Twins in the 1965 series - obviously. 

Below are some more links to check out:
“I tell everybody I was a Bible hitter,” Davis said. “When they say, ‘What does that mean, I’d say, ‘Thou shalt not pass. The first pitch is coming, I’m swinging.’”
  • Cary also tells us about the historical connections between the Dodgers and the Lakers/NBA.  I'm surprised to learn how many NBA players were once a part of the Dodger system.
  • Dodger owner/partner Peter Gruber shares a video on twitter that tells us a bit about the value of player analytics to the Dodgers:

  • Topps is now getting into limited edition apparel.  They are now offering a 1988 Dodgers 'Miracle Men' Orel Hershiser patch Baseball cap limited to just 99copies for $39.99.  Check it out here.  See a pic of it on the right.  Limited edition patch caps also exist for Reggie Jackson, Alan Trammel, Willie Stargell, Gary Carter, Rollie Fingers and Ryne Sandberg.
  • I've got mad respect for Blazer's Edge.  (Hat Tip via Eric Stephen at True Blue LA)
  • Via Joe Posnanski at NBC Sports, "Vanguard after the Revolution: Bill James sparked a baseball insurrection, but he has regrets about the world he wrought." 
He groans whenever he hears people discount leadership or team chemistry or heart because they cannot find such things in the data. He has done this himself in the past … and regrets it.

“I have to take my share of responsibility for promoting skepticism about things that I didn’t understand as well as I might have,” he says. “What I would say NOW is that skepticism should be directed at things that are actually untrue rather than things that are difficult to measure.

“Leadership is one player having an effect on his teammates. There is nothing about that that should invite skepticism. People have an effect on one another in every area of life. … We all affect another’s work. You just can’t really measure that in an individual-accounting framework.”
  • BTW, for the third season in a row Anaheim Angels slugger Mike Trout won the 2014 Stan Musial Award from the Baseball Bloggers Alliance.  In the National League Clayton Kershaw won the award.  The Stan Musial Award recognizes the MVP in each league. I had picked Kershaw on my National League ballot.  Go here to see who were my picks for the BBA (Baseball Bloggers Alliance) Post Season Awards.

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