Monday, February 23, 2015

Scorpions Invade Camelback Ranch - They Stay on White Sox Side

Those are some nasty looking creatures, eh?

Over the weekend Camelback Ranch, home of both the Dodgers and White Sox, faced an invasion of a different kind.  As reported by ESPN Chicago reporter Doug Padilla, the White Sox training complex was littered with scorpions.  Photo above via Padilla on twitter.

Strangely, they appear to not have migrated over to the Dodger side of the facility.  Maybe someone skimped on pest control for the Sox side. 

This incident does have me thinking, though.  With the band AC/DC already scheduled to play a concert in September at Dodger Stadium this year, maybe they should look at booking the Scorpions too.  Heck, maybe an announcement like that is on the way and this incident was an elaborate way to get the word out.  Or maybe Arizona is just covered with these little menaces.

BTW, from what I understand these are giant desert hairy scorpions, whose bite is unpleasant but not particularly venomous.  On the other hand, if they found Arizona bark scorpions I'd be running for the hills. 

Hat Tip: Michael Clair at Cut4:

Pic at very top via Doug Padilla of ESPN Chicago on twitter:

UPDATE:  I apparently spoke too soon.  The Scorpions are migrating towards the Dodgers side of Camelback Ranch.  On Tuesday, February 24th Jon Chapper in the the Dodgers PR department got stung by a giant desert hairy scorpion on the arm.  It was hiding in his jacket sleeve, per Alanna Rizzo on twitter.

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