Tuesday, March 03, 2015

Dodger Escapades on Twitter - Ping Pong, Kike Hernandez and the McCarthy's

Twitter has become the avenue of choice for ballplayers who want to communicate directly with fans.  For the most part, we find out about special events a player wants to highlight, but sometimes we get more that that.  Sometimes, we get an inside glimpse at what makes them tick.

For Dodger followers, there are a handful of frequent users who ably navigate the twitter wilderness to show us their personality, and this post highlights some recent exchanges I thought worth noting. 

As you know, it has become a spring tradition at Camelback Ranch to host a ping pong tournament, and according to Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider that tradition continues in earnest. 
(Ping Pong bracket, photo via Jon Weisman at Dodger Insider)

Yesterday saw the first games played on the table, and I am sad to report that the first doubles pair to walk away disappointed was the pairing of catcher Chris O'Brien and pitching prospect Zach Lee.  They lost out to Scott Van Slyke and pitching prospect Ryan Buchter, and let's just say that Van Slyke was more than happy to gloat on twitter.  Check out the exchange below.

(twitter capture)

It's funny that O'Brien basically blames his ping pong teammate Zach Lee for the loss.

In other news, Kike Hernandez has proven to be a fun Dodger to follow on twitter.  This morning he shared a pic of himself within a strange looking contraption.  As one of the newest Dodgers, who may see some time on the diamond in Los Angeles this season, he spent a moment with @MLBTheShow to photograph his face.

Brandon McCarthy has proven to be a great addition for Dodger followers.  Not just because he has some nice tools that could help the Dodgers in their quest to a championship, but because when paired with his equally loquacious wife has become a must follow on twitter.

In an exchange this morning we see true love in action.

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