Wednesday, May 06, 2015

A Will Ferrell Dodger Baseball Card is Coming

Color me not surprised.

As I'm sure you remember, Will Ferrell paraded around Arizona playing ten different positions for ten teams during Cactus League play.  It was all for various charities he supports and an upcoming "Funny or Die" episode.  A ton of money was raised from the event, and I'm sure a lot of good has come as a result of it.

For fans, enjoying the spectacle didn't stop at only watching the games.  Fans also had an opportunity to buy some game-used stuff.  All the apparel Ferrell wore that day was auctioned off for charity, and now we learn that card collectors will be able to join in the fun.

Topps announced this morning that limited edition Will Ferrell Baseball cards will be randomly inserted into packs of 2015 Topps Archives.  There will be ten different Will Ferrell cards featuring him in the uniforms of the ten different teams he played for.  The cards will be numbered to only ten copies and they will all be autographed.

The best part about this all is that we will soon have a Will Ferrell Dodger card.  WooHoo!

BTW, the Archives set comes out in June.  So far, only four of the ten cards have been revealed by Topps online.   You can check them out above and directly below. 

Unfortunately, the Dodger version of the card has yet to be released.

Since I'm the impatient sort and have some, albeit low, level of knowledge of photoshop I decided to make my own.  Check it out below.  I used the 1972 Topps Baseball card design and a photo taken by Dodger photographer Jon SooHoo/LA Dodgers 2015 from that evening.

As soon as the real Will Ferrell Dodger card shows up I'll update this post.  In fact, Topps promised me that they will share a pic of that card later today, so stay tuned:

UPDATE: Topps just shared a pic of what the reverse of the cards look like on twitter.  I wonder if the Dodger card will have pitching stats instead:

UPDATE II: The Dodger Will Ferrell card is now available to gawk at.  Check it out below, via @toppscards:

UPDATE III: Topps instagram shared a couple more Ferrell pics; including the Angels and Reds cards below:

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