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Blog Kiosk: 5/8/2015 - Dodger Links - Kapler on Intangibles, Puig's Rehab and Grandal's Big Day

What a monster day at the plate for Yasmani Grandal.  Yesterday he went 4 for 4 with two - three run home runs, two walks and eight RBI's.  He did most of his damage when the Dodgers were already well on their way to a victory - his two homers came in the 8th and 9th innings.  Nevertheless, it was a nice break-out for the young catcher.  Heck, it was an legendary game overall.  Per Aaron Gleeman at Hardball Talk,
– He’s the first catcher with two home runs, eight RBIs, and six times on base in a game since Walker Cooper of the Reds in 1949.
Yasmani also had this to say, via Andrew Wagner at
“It’s a new team and I want to do good,” Grandal said. “I understand that last year, RBIs wasn’t a big thing for me. I wanted to get those RBIs so I was pressing a lot. Every time I got a good hit, it was straight at guys. I guess it was a good move to change the lineup a little bit.”
The photo above of Alex Guerrero congratulating Grandal was shared by the @Dodgers on twitter. Below are some more links to check out:
Scouting is hard. We, as an industry, simply haven’t figured out how to appropriately measure and value intangibles. We’re still learning, and I have no doubts that a clever individual will create a method to do so. Right now, quantifying those intangibles remains elusive.
  • Via Brian Melley at AP, "Bryan Stow's attacker goes from smirking to begging for judge's mercy."  He ended up receiving three additional years to his eight year sentence for the federal gun charges.
  • Yasiel Puig went hitless in four at-bats during his first rehab assignment in Rancho Cucamongo last night, but he did make a new friend via a tweet from @RCQuakes.
  • The item below is absolutely fantastic, and I'm leaving it here for posterity.  Featured is a circa 1880's Baseball themed bowling pins set sold through RSL Auctions.  Per the auction description:
Probably by Selchow & Righter American - Circa 1880’s This rare and exquisite American toy was found recently at a flea market in northern England. It is absolutely mint condition and it had been stored for more than a century in its original box. It seems that the ball players have rarely strayed from the box because the lithography is as bright today as the day they were sold. This rare set of figural ten pins is particularly significant because they depict men playing baseball; a favorite American spectator sport. There are only a handful of other known sets and a couple of isolated figures. And none of those retain this extraordinary quality. This set also includes three original wooden balls that would have been rolled to knock down the figures. The chromo-lithographed label for the lid of the box shows a ballgame in progress. The graphics are nothing less than AMAZING. A second label on the side of the box reads “One Piece Base Ball, S & R (Selchow and Righter) Ten Pins”.

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  1. Grandal and Puig are two very solid players. Missing one of them is bad enough, but missing both is a big hit to the Dodgers talent pool.


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