Thursday, June 11, 2015

OMG! A Will Ferrell Dodger Autographed Card Just Sold for Huge Bucks!

I knew these cards would be big sellers, but the prices showing up on eBay are outrageous.

Check out the pic above.  It is tied to an auction that closed yesterday morning and features the very first 2015 Archives Will Ferrell autographed Dodger card to have sold at the online auction house.  This is what the description said:
I just pulled this from a target retail pack. 2015 topps archives will Ferrell on card auto. Card is # 2/10. This is in the Dodgers uniform. This will be one of the hottest cards of the year. Could be the first one pulled so far.
It was a "Buy It Now" sale and it apparently exchanged hands at a cool $2,000.00.  Check out the auction here.

BTW, the Ferrell Dodger card numbered at "01/10" is on eBay at the price of $2,159.99.  Check that auction out here.

Overall, it appears that four of these cards have sold on eBay.  They include:
  • Diamondbacks Ferrell at $899.99 (Auction Link);
  • Red Ferrell at $699.99 (Action Link);
  • Dodgers Ferrell at $2,000.00 (Auction Link); and
  • Mariners Ferrell (Auction Link) that sold at a best offer price - likely just below the $1,699.99 initial asking price.

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